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Accessing the Chandra Source Catalog with CSCview

Version 1.3.11 - What's New


CSCview is a Java stand-alone application which provides access to the source properties and data products of the Chandra Source Catalog. The CSCview application needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer before running. The application requires Java 6 or higher to be installed on your system.

JAR Packaged Application

Download CSCview as a JAR file

CSCview is available as a JAR packaged application. On many systems, you can simply click or double-click the JAR file to launch CSCview. Otherwise, you can type the following command:

For Java 9 and up:

java --add-modules -jar cscview.jar

For Java 8 and below:

java -jar cscview.jar

To see which version is currently installed, run the following command:

java -version

If you need to upgrade your version of Java, go to the Java download page to download and install the latest version.

PKG Packaged Application [Mac OS X only]

Download CSCview as an application package [Mac OS X only]

Download the application package (CSCview.pkg) onto your system. Open the application package and following the installation instructions. You can run CSCview by double-clicking on the CSCview application.

Note that operating system security settings need to be properly configured in order for CSCview to run. Please see these instructions for details.

For online support please contact the CXC Helpdesk.