General Parameters
  Sequence Number: 200060 Status: archived
  Observation ID: 635 Proposal Number: 01200705
  Type: GO Proposal Cycle: 01
      Charge Cycle: 01
  PI Name: Koyama Observer: Tsuboi
  Science Category: STARS AND WD Joint Observatories: None
  Target Name: RHO OPH CLOUD CORE Grid Name:
  RA  (J2000): 16 27 17.18     (246.822°) Sched. Roll: 78.09503°
  Dec (J2000): -24 34 39.00     (-24.578°)    
  Instrument: ACIS-I Data Mode: FAINT
  Grating: NONE Readout Detector: ACIS-01236
  Start Date: 2000-04-13 18:32:20 Observing Cycle: 01
  Approved Time: 100.00 ks Time Critical: N
  Exposure Time: 100.68 ks Public Release Date: 2001-05-16 08:50:00
  SIM Offset: Y Offset:
  Focus Offset: Z Offset:
  Raster Scan: N    
  Object: NONE Object Type: NO
  Photometry: N V Mag:
  Est. Count Rate: 0.005 Hz 1st Order Rate:
  Avg. Count Rate: 4.482523 Hz Event Count: 451300

Constraints (Y=Yes,Required  P=Preferred  N=No Constraint)
Roll Constraint: N
Window Constraint: N
  Linked Observations : N    
Phase Constraint: N
  Pointing Update :    
  Coordinated: N    
  Constraint in Remarks:    
  MPlan Remarks: We anticipate the OFLS will have problems finding stars in this field, as there are very few bright stars in this dense molecular cloud. Therefore stars have been pre-selected. Due to a problem with the FID statements generated in the DOT, the selections here have been removed from the OR. The stars were selected using this fid set: FID=(2,6.000000),FID=(3,6.000000), FID=(4,6.000000),

ACIS Parameters
  SI_Mode: TE_002DC Dropped Chip Count: 0  
  Most Efficient: N Frame Time: 3.2
  Exposure Mode: TE Event TM Format: F
            I0: Y   I1: Y            
            I2: Y   I3: Y            
SO: N   S1: N   S2: Y   S3: N   S4: N   S5: N
  Spectra Max Count:   Mult. Spectral Lines :
  Subarray Type: NONE    
  Duty Cycle : N    
  Onchip Summing : N    
  Event Filter : N    
  Window Filter : N